Проблема с приводом!

28 апреля 2009

Вставляешь диск в привод и комп сразу перезагружаеться и не может загрузитса,подскажите в чем трабл!

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  1. 1) Евгений Довжик ответил:

    скорей всего питание, идет замыкание где то, такое бывает и с винтами….

  2. 2) Иван Рубцов ответил:

    привод,особенно резак,энергии жрет. вставил диск,привод начал жрать энергию,вот комп и падает в перезагрузку от голода

  3. 3) Yeezy ответил:

    This time, the universe of the universe can be described as an unprecedented change. First, the enemy of the outer universe was attacked. The people were trapped in immortality. Then the thirteen congenital ancestral lands were destroyed, and the thirteenth was immortal.

  4. 4) Nike Air Zoom ответил:

    But along the way, he grew tired of the self-absorbed antics of Westbrook and the Thunder.

  5. 5) Air Max 2019 ответил:

    With the help of the U.S. Embassy, Linsey was able to travel back home to his wife, Angelina, and the pair’s two other sons, David, 21, and Ethan, 12 in the U.K. The family says they are now faced with the difficult task of repatriating their loved ones’ remains.

  6. 6) Cheap NFL Jerseys ответил:

    As Lillard sits on his sofa, he’s fixated on how the Rockets are allowing Donovan Mitchell to get loose in the fourth quarter of Utah’s eventual 107-91 win. On one defensive possession, Chris Paul tried to slow the second-year guard down, and that’s when the conversation returned to the Thunder.

  7. 7) React Element 87 ответил:

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