Периодически не показывает монитор

13 октября 2009

Проблема в следующем: на компе вшитая видюха. Иногда включаю комп вместо привычной загрузки черный экран. Жму ресет и все в норме на несколько дней. В чем может быть причина?

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  1. 1) Рамиль Хуснутдинов ответил:

    в биосе на предмет онбоард агп поищи-покрути:)

  2. 2) Balenciaga ответил:

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  3. 3) Red Jordan 12 ответил:

    Such scenarios matter–and not just in the context of a possible NATO/Russia or Middle East situation, but now that Russia is set to deliver the Su-35 to China, such comparisons matter even more. There are many places where all of these lethal aircraft will overlap, making such comparisons even more timely.

  4. 4) Jordan 12 Gym Red 2018 ответил:

    Dogs love to get into trouble but unfortunately for them, there isn’t a very strong “poker face” game going on when they get caught.

  5. 5) Nike ответил:

    There’s also food talk, with Dahlberg questioning why eggs that used to be white are now brown and what that meant for Easter egg coloring at his house.

  6. 6) Cheap NFL Jerseys ответил:

    Earlier this week, President Trump met with Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey in the Oval Office. While the meeting was supposed to be about the social media network’s efforts to fight opioid abuse, the Washington Post reported that a significant portion of the meeting focused on Trump’s concerns that Twitter has quietly and deliberately limited or removed some of his followers.

  7. 7) retro jordan 33 ответил:

    Raja’s lawyers have appealed to have the conviction overturned.

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