Советы по оптимизации на системе с малым количеством ОЗУ

17 июня 2019

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  1. The general, Qin Zhong, was a loyal veteran left by the former head of state to Qin Hengtian. It was the veteran of the Three Dynasties. Because he was too old and he did not want to stay away from his homeland, he left the auxiliary Qin Hengtian. In the conflict with the Yinzong Zong, he also desperately defended Qin Hengtian, and used the prestige of Jiuding Wangzong to force him to retreat.

  2. 2) React Element 87 ответил:

    “The gods quickly rebelled against the tyrannical and tyrannical master!!” In the endless dark fog, the dark ancient demon shouted and wanted to call on the gods to rise up against the atrocities of Qin Hengtian.